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DRIFTER- $15,000


There is not enough good things that can be said about this handsome boy! He is one of our home grown, foundation bred Montana geldings. He is another trail riding rock-star that was started later in life and has excelled in his field of taking care of his riders. We sold him back in 2017 as a trail gelding, and he has aged like fine wine! We bought him back in 2023 since he was not being used as much as he once was. We immediately put our brand on him for the first time (as he sold prior to our branding days), put him back into our barn string, and started giving lessons on him. However, the good ones never stay in our barn unfortunately! 

Drifter is the more whoa than go type, but he will move out if you ask! He prefers a slow walk and a ride all-day-long pleasure jog. His transitions from a walk, trot, extended trot, and lope are extremely smooth, comfortable, and easy to accomplish. He DOES NOT ever get hot in any way, shape, or form, EVEN when amongst a group of horses that lope away from him on the trail. Drifter is our guy to take care of the beginners, but will also easily handle an advanced rider that requires more from him.

Walk/Trot/Lope through fields with this guy without a care in the world. You can cross water, bridges, and be confident that he is comfortable around all types of wildlife. Put him at the front of the string, middle, or end, he's your steady eddy. Trail riding is 100% his job and he excels at it beyond measure.

Things that he is NOT: He is not a rope horse and he is not a cow horse. He will put up with both to a degree but neither are his favorite.

Drifter has been sound his entire life with ZERO lameness, feet, or teeth issues. He was diagnosed with Cushings in 2020 and has been on a Peroglide pill daily since then.

He is UTD on vaccines, Coggins, teeth floating, and is fully shod.

Please call, text, or email for serious inquiries!

PAINT- $14,000


Paint is a 9 yr old STUNNING paint gelding. He sells grade, but is one of the very last of our old Foundation Quarter Horse stock out of Montana. He is out of a Canadian reining mare and by a Driftwood stallion, both whom have since passed. He is gorgeous to look at and he carries our brand. This boy has thoroughly earned his place in our barn!! He is steady and solid for the long rides people are looking for. Not only is he nice to look at, but he is another trail horse deluxe that will trust you wherever you point him to go. He's been exclusively trail ridden over the past four years and he is best suited for beginner-intermediate riders. This is the boy that you can pop into the trail line and he will be a solid mount for yourself or guests to ride. He's been up and down rocky terrain, loped through open pastures with or without trail-mates, gone over bridges, through water, and around wildlife. THIS is the boy that you can put at the front of a string and if you ask him to be the horse that goes down the slight scary incline into a deep canal and up the other end, he'll take you and the following string there safely without any silly business.

Paint was born and raised with us and has NEVER had a single bite, buck, or rear. He is sweet and can be a cute puppy dog on the ground when looking for attention.

He sells with IRAP stored for some mild front left navicular. We also float his teeth two times a year due to a small gap between two teeth to make sure all the levels stay even, though it has never been an issue. He has been cared for to the highest degree and will only go to a suitable home. This is one of the horses that we are ok with having stay in the barn for life, escpecially since he is the last of our Montana stock.

He is UTD on vaccines, Coggins, teeth floating, and is fully shod.

Please call, text, or email for serious inquiries!

SHOOTER- $4,500


Shooter is a consigned 4 month old, Rocky Mountain, weanling stud colt. He is out of Split-Ridge Steel Stetson (E/e, a/a, D/N Grulla mare) and by the 2020 High Point Country Trail Pleasure Stallion, HMH Shoot N The Moon (No Red/Silver, E/E D/n C/r). 

Shooter will sell unregistered, but can easily be registered by contacting the sires current owner. Shooter is from some of the oldest Rocky Mountain bloodlines and is Homozygous for the black gene. He should mature to around 15.1 hands. He has excellent conformation and a nice stocky build. So far, he has exhibited good ground manners, halters, leads, picks up all four feet nicely, moves off of pressure, and flexes nicely when asked! He has been sacked out to ropes, flags, farrier work, vet work, and has followed his dam while trail riding; not much phases this flashy little guy! He has been handled multiple times a day since birth and could not be more of a sweetheart. He's brave, smart, curious, and ready to go to his new home that understands the true gem that he is!

Shooter has great potential to be a breeding stallion or an outstanding gelding to add to anyone's gaited riding string. 

He will be ready to be weaned in DECEMBER of 2022. A 10%, non-refundable deposit, will be required to hold Shooter until weaning time for serious buyers. 

Please call, text, or email for serious inquiries!

Split-Ridge Steel Stetson (Dam):

Dam Papers.jpg

HMH Shoot N The Moon (Sire):


HMH Shoot N the moon sire.jpg
Screenshot (1)_edited.jpg

PEDRO- $20,000

Photo 3.jpg

Pedro is a gorgeous, 14 yr old AQHA black gelding. He is your "been there, done that" guy. He is a jam up team roping horse AND is safe for the ENTIRE family. This is the dream boat gelding that everyone is looking for. He's got the looks, the brains, the talent, and the conformation that are a "must need" for any barn. 

He has roped, he's trail ridden, he's packed the kids around, he crosses water/bridges/train tracks, is fancy broke, can ride in a snaffle/shank/halter, you name it, this boy has exceeded our expectations. He packs our brand because he is one of our absolute favorites. He was meant to stay with us for the long haul...

Deciding to sell this horse was NOT an easy decision, however, the best ones seem to never be able to stick around. With too many in the barn that are upcoming, we have to look for the next best pasture for our solid Pedro. He deserves the best, and he will be homed to nothing less!

Pedro has been impeccably taken care of and is UTD on vaccinations, teeth floating, coggins, and is fully shod.

Please call, text, or email for serious inquiries!

pedro papers.jpg

WALTER- $10,000

walter photo 1.jpg
walter photo 4.jpg

Walter is a 12 year old grade gelding and stands at 15.1. If you are looking for the been there, done that trail horse deluxe, THIS is your guy. 

He's laid back and extremely easy to ride, with a smooth walk, trot, and lope. There is no bite, kick, buck, or rear with this guy. Walter is the happy and lazy horse that enjoys affection and is appropriate for beginners to intermediate riders. Not much phases this sweet boy (see video). He is the SAME HORSE whether you ride him throughout the week or put him up for a few months and pull him from the back 40. He is very versatile and can be ridden in a shank, snaffle, or halter! Ride him bareback or toss on your saddle and take him up the mountain for a trail ride with your friends. Walter is a simple and sweet boy that will take care of you.

If you're looking for a fancy broke, lope out of his tracks type horse, than Walter is not the horse for you as he is the the more "whoa than go" type.

Walter requires biannual teeth floating due to prior neglect from two owners ago. All teeth records are available from prior owner and Longacre Equine.​

Walter comes with front foot radiographs and is navicular and laminitis free!! Further vet checks available at buyers expense. 

Please call, text, or email for further inquiries: UTD on vaccinations, teeth floating, Coggins, and fully shod. 


harley 2.jpg

Harley is a two year old consigned Friesian/Quarter Horse Cross. This girl is absolutely beautiful and is not going to stay on the market for long! Harley currently stands at 15.2 with plenty of room to grow. She's ahead of the game for a young Friesian cross with everything she's been introduced to. She's a very sweet, in-your-pocket type gal who wants to please. She's got the personality to become someone's once-in-a-lifetime companion. She crosses water, trail rides, lunges, is accepting of new things, and moves like an absolute dream. She would make an amazing dressage or hunt seat prospect. This beautiful girl is one you DO NOT want to miss out on.

She's recently been price dropped from $8000 to $6500 due to trying to find her home a bit quicker!

Please call, text, or email for further inquiries. UTD on vaccinations, Coggins, and barefoot shod.




Nugget is a 4yr old consigned Welsh Pony. This is one of those super cool ponies that are hard to find! He is as sweet and as curious as they come with TONS of personality. Would best suit an intermediate to an advanced kid (only due to Nuggets age) or an adult. Nugget is SMART and as curious as most 4 year olds are. He goes through water, trail rides on a loose rein, lunges well, has a cute little trot, and can lope some nice circles collected or on a loose rein. A good home is an ABSOLUTE must. 

Please call, text, or email for further inquiries. UTD on vaccinations, coggins, teeth, and shod.

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