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Birdie and 4 of her kids.jpg

Fly Away Bird

Call Name: Birdie

Vizsla Database (click here)

AKC #: SR82192207

OFA Hip-Good VZ-14464G24F-VPI

OFA Elbows-Normal VZ-EL2304F24-VPI

Sire: NFC NAFC Am DC AFC (AF)NCh Ch Ck Touchdown Guy

Dam: Heidi Go Seek Jones SH

Total Litters: 2

Date Whelped: 04/17/2014

Bred By: H&H Gun Dogs 

Owned By: Barb & Simon Longacre

Birdie .jpg

Birdie is our "heart dog." She is the one that started us on our Vizsla journey. She is a beautiful, talented, and SMART force to be reckoned with. From hunt titles to trick dog titles, Birdie is a multi-faceted Mama/Grandma who melts the heart of all of those that meet her. She's the dog that just has that extra something, and knows exactly what you ask and expect of her. She's always attuned and aware of her owners or handlers and is the epitome of what a true vizsla is. 

Birdie Gallery

Sheza Blazing Duck

Call Name: Ducky

Vizsla Database (click here

AKC #: SS02561804

OFA Hip-Good VZ-16941G41F-VPI

OFA Elbows-Normal VZ-EL3707F41-VPI

Sire: Am Gr Ch DC AFC Mackey's Trail Blazing Sitka NAVHDA UT Pz II

Dam: Fly Away Bird JH TKI

Total Litters: 1 (2ND TBD 2023)

Date Whelped: 12/11/2017

Bred By: Barb & Simon Longacre

Owned By: Barb & Simon Longacre

Ducky photo 1.jpg

Ducky is the girl we "never knew we needed" in our lives. She is purely and unapologetically a Vizsla through and through. She's our goofy girl that is the happiest following her nose through the woods, fields, and trails, or fully snuggled up on top of (or under the covers with) any human who will let her snuggle with them. She is one of the best mama's we've had the pleasure of helping whelp. She's definitely the mom who didn't know when to tell her puppies no, which is when Grandma Bird would step in for the hard puppy lessons :P. Ducky has been  a sweet, smart, and all-around fun girl to have the absolute pleasure of owning and breeding. She literally melts the heart of anyone who walks through the door with her genetic grumbles (thanks Sitka <3) and butt scratching requests. 

Ducky Gallery

Upcoming Litter!
Ducky is slotted for a mirror breeding with prior stud partner, Am DC AFC Bitteroot's Mythical Phoenix MH!! 

Please reach out ASAP if interested on getting on our waitlist for this upcoming litter. Our waitlist is filling up fast! Breeding is planned for between February-April 2023!

Birdie and Ducky's Puppy Gallery

puppy pen
bird pups
ladyhawk photo
blue boy
the birdlets xmas
Rue photo
red girl
hayden and puppies
Juno photo
Gunny photo
ducky puppies
green boy stack
dutch photo
ducky litter
blue boy stack
black boy
dutch photo
Axel photo
Billy photo
Birdie and 4 of her kids
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