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Frequently Asked Questions

Can people haul in to ride at your facility?

I would like to board at your facility! What do you require upon move in?

We require the following to be filled out or done BEFORE move in. All horses are required to go into a two week quarantine before getting put into their pen/stall.

-Cash or a check made out to Longacre Equine for full months or pro-rated months board.

-Filled out boarding contract 

-Vaccination/Deworming agreement 

-Signed Liability Waiver 

-Copy of your horse's current Negative Coggins (current up to one year)

-Proof of Vaccination records (more info in boarding contract)

-Current 30 day health certificate

Here is our helpful move in requirement checklist (click here)

I am a trainer. Can I train out of your facility?

Yes! We love having a diverse group of trainers visit and work out of our facility.

All trainers are required to have:

-Liability insurance (copy must be provided to Longacre Equine every six months)

-Have their personal and clients horses (if hauling in) follow all of Longacre Equine's health requirements and pay haul in rates

-Have a signed Liability Waiver (both trainer and clients)

-Have a signed Longacre Equine trainer's contract 

Do you accept credit cards?

Absolutely! We understand that everyone has busy lives, jobs, and family commitments; sometimes getting out to the barn isn't the easiest, and we get it. We email all of our invoicing out on the 20th of each month. Each invoice has a convenient online pay option for paying via credit card. We also accept personal checks, cash, and money orders. We charge a $35 NSF fee for any bounced checks.

I'd like to take lessons, however i do not have a horse. Do you have horses that you can give lessons on?

We have clients that allow us to use their wonderful horses when they are boarding at our facility. 

Currently, if you have a horse, we can offer lessons year round.

If you do not have a horse, we can offer lessons on specific client's horses between the months of October-June. We are in the process of hunting for another great lesson horse, but finding the exact horse for lessons takes time and we want to be sure that we find the PERFECT one for our lesson clients. 

I'm hauling through, do you offer overnight boarding?

We do! We also have RV hook ups! Overnight boarding requires a current 30 day health certificate and a Negative Coggins.

RV Hookups (without horse)-  $35/night 

RV Hookups (with horse/outside stall)- $55/night

RV Hookups (with horse/inside stall)- $65/night

Outside stall (without shelter)- $25/night

Inside stall (without shavings)-$35/night

Shavings are $7/wheelbarrow load for inside stalls

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